Trustees and Committee

The charity “Recreation Field, Bere Regis”, operates as “Bere Regis Sports Club” and has three trustees:

Andy Kent (Chairman), Peter Cheeseman (Treasurer) and Alan Green.

The recreation ground and associated facilities are owned by “Fields in Trust” (formerly the National Playing Fields Association) and managed locally by the trustees, along with the management committee which meets on a monthly basis. Current committee members are:

Lorraine Gale (Hon. Secretary), Mark Bennett, Mike Bosworth, Sarra Dellou, Russell French, Brian Hewitt, Alan Lambert, Andy Lawrence, Steve McEleney, Simon Mills, Adrian Moore, Dean Rogerson, Malcolm Strannack, Herbie Swann, Keith Traynor and Lyndon White.

The club’s financial year runs from October 1st to September 30th and the Annual General Meeting is normally held in November each year.