Trustees Annual Report 2017

Bere Regis Sports Club
Trustees Annual Report for Year Ending September 2017

‘Playing Field and Recreation Ground Bere Regis’ is a registered charity (No. 301100) having three trustees and using an operating name of ‘Bere Regis Sports Club’, organised through an elected management committee. The recreation ground in North Street, Bere Regis, Dorset, BH20 7LA (also the principle office of the charity) came under the ownership of the ‘National Playing Fields Association’ (now known as ‘Fields in Trust’) by means of a conveyance in 1929. That ‘conveyance’ remains the governing document of the charity, along with the current version of the ‘club rules’. Today, the objects of the charity (as defined by the Bere Regis Sports Club rules/constitution) are for the benefit of the public, “the support of social, recreational and sporting activities in the village of Bere Regis and the management of the Bere Regis Recreation Ground and properties entrusted to the club.”

The current trustees are Peter Cheeseman, Alan Green and Andrew Kent. Trustees are elected by the management committee and serve for an unspecified term, while the management committee is elected at the AGM.

Statement regarding reserves
Experience has shown that potential funders are more likely to fund clubs which are able to demonstrate sustainability. With this in mind, as well as the increased overheads following several years of upgrading the club buildings and facilities, the Management Committee have resolved to maintain cash assets as high as possible, both in order to continue operations in the event of a downturn in activity and to fund further future developments that are deemed desirable. Mindful of the cost of some major pieces of equipment within the club buildings the trustees and committee continue to hold the opinion that it is prudent to keep a minimum of 4% of the value of club buildings reserved for maintenance purposes and current estimates put this figure alone at approximately £20,000. The replacement of ground maintenance equipment would also be expensive and grants can’t always be relied upon as a source of finance.

The trustees continue to hold the opinion that assets should maintain high liquidity, enabling the management committee to respond quickly to changes in circumstances as well as be in a good position to take opportunities to upgrade facilities further as they arise. To that end, no cash is ‘invested’ in any financial instrument other than a savings account. Furthermore, the management committee holds more than one ‘savings’ account and regularly reviews the options available, distributing assets accordingly in the best interests of the club.

Annual Report
The trustees are pleased to report that the recreation ground and associated buildings have again been maintained to good standard throughout the year and that regular maintenance has been undertaken. During the year a programme of redecoration was conducted and a significant grant was won from the Viridor Environmental Credits scheme for the purchase of a new triple-cut mower which will help to maintain the playing field to a high standard for the foreseeable future.

The management committee continues to review possibilities for further developments, including the building a Multi-Use Games Area which could be used for both our own training sessions and for hire to other groups. At this point in time though, no major developments are planned for the immediate future.

Our role within the wider community is now well established and the old clubhouse continues to be used as a regular meeting place for local groups, including the village youth club, the rainbows/brownies group, Dorset County Council Fostering Unit team and Weighwatchers, with Slimmers World looking to return to a regular weekly booking in 2018 and the village Women’s Institute requesting a monthly meeting slot. We once again hosted the annual Women’s Institute Pancacke races and the Bere Regis Swimming Club annual presentation evening. The Dorset County Football Association continues to use the club for both meetings and training courses on a regular basis.

The trustees are pleased to once again, report on an organisation in a healthy state and one which is continuing to achieve its aims as a community based organisation.

Andrew Kent
Peter Cheeseman
Alan Green

Trustees, September 2017