2019 6-a-side Tournament Rules




  1. On registering, all clubs and players (16 years +) must be affiliated to a county association.
  2. Player’s names’ must be on the entry form prior to the start of the competition.
  3. Players can only play for one team.  A team photograph will be taken at the beginning of the tournament to ensure that this is the case and this photograph may also be used in any tournament reports. Where a player plays for more than one team then both teams will be disqualified from the tournament.
  4. Any changes to the team listed on the entry form must be reported to the event organiser on the day of the competition.
  5. Teams should consist of no more than eight players.
  6. All teams must report to the secretary’s area on arrival (12.30 to 12.45 pm) for Tournament Registration.
  7. The Tournament will commence at 1.00 pm sharp.
  8. Teams must be ready to play two minutes after announcement.
  9. The first team called will produce the match ball.
  10. All matches are to be 5 minutes each way. However, it is at the secretary’s discretion to revise this depending upon circumstances on the day.
  11. Preliminary matches will be played on a league basis.  Three points will be awarded for a win and one for a draw.  Point’s difference will decide the winner of each league.  In the event of teams still being equal then goal difference and then goals scored will decide the winner.  Should there still be no clear winner of a section; a penalty shootout involving an equal number of players from each team will take place.
  12. Depending on the number of teams entering the tournament, qualification to further rounds will be decided on the day.
  13. In the knockout stages, if the scores are level at full time, a penalty shootout involving an equal number of players from each team will take place (5 players per team followed by sudden death if required).
  14. Bookings and sending off:
    1. Players booked will be subject to a 2-minute sin bin and may re-enter the field of play only at the referee’s discretion.
    1. If a keeper handles the ball outside of the area, they will be sent off for that game but will not miss any further matches as a result.
    1. Players sent off for violent conduct, serious foul play or abusive language, as determined by the referees, will be excluded from further participation in the tournament, including goalkeepers.
  1. Players MUST NOT partake in the consumption of alcohol whilst the team that they are representing are still in the tournament.
  2. Players sent off will be reported to the DCFA, as will any misconduct by club officials, supporters or spectators towards any tournament officials.
  3. The referee’s decision will be final.
  4. Any protest should be reported to the BRFC official on duty in the Organiser’s area.
  5. A three person committee, whose decision will be final, will deal with all protests.  There will be a right of appeal to the sanctioning authority, in this case the DCFA.

Please note:

  • Penalty areas will be semi-circular.
  • Goalkeepers are not allowed to handle outside of this area.
  • Goals may be scored from within the area.
  • All players are able to enter the area.
  • Goal kicks are to be thrown out by the Goalkeeper from within the area (not kicked).
  • Teams will only be allowed two substitutions per game.
  • Substitutes must stay in the marked “technical area” during their teams match.
  • Substitutes must not enter the field of play without the referee’s approval.
  • Once the ball is in the keeper’s hands he may only throw the ball out.  An indirect free kick will be awarded where the ball is kicked from the keeper’s hands.

Entry fee will be £40 per team (max 8 players per team).

All monies must be sent with the entry form, with all cheques to be made payable to Bere Regis Sports Club. Entry forms and fees should be received by no later than Sunday 19th May 2019.

Bere Regis Football Club reserve the right to retain entry fees for:

  • Late cancellation (within seven days of the tournament date or
  • Failure to appear on the day of the tournament.

Team entries can be made ONLINE

Click here for Team Entry Form

Alternatively, paper entry forms posted with cheque (£40 per team, payable to “BRSC Field Acc.” to:

                                                Mark Bennett

                                                48 Elder Road

                                                Bere Regis



                                                BH20 7NB

                                                Tel: 01929 471011 / 07751 260458

                                                Email: manddi48@gmail.com

No dogs (except guide dogs)


No Personal Barbeques