ROGS Reports 2019

ROGS (Royal Oak Golf Society) is affiliated to Bere Regis Sports Club and uses the club as its venue for meetings and social events, other than golf of course!

This page features the current year’s captain’s monthly reports:

The GRS Trophy 2019

31 ROGS and three guests enjoyed the rolling fairways and water at Boundary Lakes on Friday 29th March. A cracking turnout again. A tricky test with some interesting greens but Josh Eastwood managed to overcome all the problems with a great score of 38, well done to Josh. Second on countback was Terry Peterson with 37 and Julian Flower 3rd on the same score.

Again, this was our 1st visit to this course and what looked on paper to be quite straightforward (If there is ever a straightforward golf course), it turned out not to be. The average score for the day was the same as Ferndown last month. The greens at Boundary were narrow and tricky and certainly no gimme’s.

There must be a special mention, as he doesn’t miss many, but there was a very sorely missed member this month, our President, Dean Merritt. Hope to see him at Bridport next time back with the ROGS to display his natural talent.

NP on the 2nd               Garry Miller

NP on the 18th               Colin Howe

NP in 2 on the 16th        Alan Millward – Our newest member.

LD on the 8th                Josh Eastwood

There were 6 twos, Matt March, Captain, Vice, Colin Howe, Phil Allen and Simon Brouard

The best guest was Sean Eastwood with 37 points. A very good day for the Eastwood family, well done to both.

A big thank you to Guy Storey for sponsoring the day, some good prizes. Please note the Captain did not drop the score cards this month or give 2nd & 3rd placed players to 4 different people. The home work has paid off.

Thanks again for contributing to the 4 ball draw, which is seeing the charity fund increasing all the time.

See you all at the next venue, which will be the Jim Corbin Cup at Bridport and West Dorset Golf Friday 26th April 1st tee time 11.15am.

Captain Spalds

The Members Challenge 2019

32 ROGS and one guest enjoyed the rolling fairways of Ferndown Golf Club. This event made history with the famous ROGS, as it was the 1st visit and hopefully not the last (If they allow us back again). It was indeed the 1st time played at Ferndown for a lot of our members and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. What a great turn out!

The day was sponsored by Graeme Price and I thank him very much for his generosity. Although, he could not enjoy the day as much as the rest of us, as he had to cut his round short after 3 holes due to a combination of footballing injuries and old age.

We had barmy temperatures of 12 degrees, some tricky greens, some patchy fairways but this did not deter us from providing some interesting scores. Coming out on top was Neil Middleditch with 37 points.

There were four people on 34 points and the trusty computer calculated that Matt Hector was 2nd and Captain was 3rd. ** NB – See below….

NP on the 2nd Simon Brouard

NP on the 14th was Phil Allen

NP in 2 on the 8th was Jerry Cocking (New member)

LD on the 6th was Phil Allen

There were three  “2” s    Simon, Rob and Jim.

The one guest Michael Egan had 23 points

Where Pricey failed on the golf course he excelled with the prizes. He surprised all, including me, by having a prize for every member of the ROGS. The prizes were interesting to say the least, as they ranged from Paw Patrol pyjama’s to coconuts from a whole cooked chicken to ladies earrings. A lot of thought went into this, and each member received the appropriate prize…

The awards ceremony went well, even though the Captain dropped the score cards and as they were mixed up presented the 2nd & 3rd place prizes to 4 different people. OOPS!!! It has been noted and I’m currently attending a course in how to hold cards.

Finally, a big thank you to all ROGS for contributing to the four ball prize draw, which raised a very good sum for my charity. Even though early in the season, we have raised almost £1,000 already. Thanks again.

See you all at the next venue, which again will be the 1st in ROGS history, Boundary Lakes (Ageas Bowl) Friday 29th March 1st tee time 11.30am

Captain Spalds