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Cricket Season 2009

Remaining Home Fixtures


Sat 29th – Suttoners II
Mon 31st – Roding Valley


Sun 20th – E C C

Annual Social & Awards Presentation Evening 2009.

This is being held in The Royal Oak on Saturday 26th September.

For tickets & further information please contact  Herbie Swann.  


The BRCC Tour is now confirmed for 4/5/6/7 September 2009.  With games confirmed for both Saturday and Sunday, the squad will be located in Crewkerne.


 Training for 9 – 14 year olds (Year 5 – Year 9) is being held on Tuesday evenings at the Rec from 6.30 p.m. – 8.00 p.m .

 Sessions cost £1 and will include net coaching and games.

 Players are asked to bring any equipment they have, although the club does have a limited supply that can be used.

 Please contact Andy Kent 471079 for further details.


Saturday Div 3

Pimperne -  195  (P Macklin 5-38)
Bere Regis – 198-2 (D Griffiths 50 n.o. S Griffiths 48)

Cranborne - 148 (P Macklin 4-38)
Bere Regis   - 114 (D Rogerson 49)

Sunday Div 3

Poole Town II -  83  (D Rogerson 5-24, G Davis 3-12)
Bere Regis   -  84-2 (D Rogerson 42, P Fripp 32 n.o.)

Bere Regis - 234-9 (D Scott 85, D Rogerson 82)
Ashmore  - 149

Evening League

Bere Regis   - 129-2 (D Rogerson 48, S Hewitt 35 n.o.)
Winfrith - 122-8 (D Rogerson 3-34)

Evening League Cup Final

Bere Regis - 80  (D Rogerson 26)
Martinstown  - 84-3

Bere Regis 162-3  (D Rogerson 52, N White 23 )
Puddletown Res  53  (S Cheeseman 3-8)

Hazelbury Bryan  44
Bere Regis  46-5

Saturday Div 3

Bere Regis - 168-8  (D Griffiths 32, R Cole 26, S Hewitt 30)

Pimperne  - 38         (G Davis 4-17) 


Christchurch – 180-8 (D Riogerson 3-27)

Bere Regis    - 181-5 (R Cole 97 n.o., D Griffiths 32)


Bere Regis – 226-7 (D Rogerson 80, R Cole 37, A Kent 24)

Cranborne – 167  (D Rogerson 4-17), C Oram 3-34)


Parley II  - 187-8 (D Rogerson 3-32)

Bere Regis – 188-5 (S Hewitt 44, P Macklin 36 n.o.D Griffiths 29, P Smith 26 n.o.)


Sunday Div 3 

Bere Regis    - 352-6 (R Hewitt 69, T Bennett 59, D Scott 52, A Moore 35 n.o.)

Broadstone    - 53


Bere Regis    - 179 (R Hewitt 54, P Fripp 25)

Poole Town II - 92 (D Rogerson 4-23)


Christchurch – 60 (O Davis 6-5)

Bere Regis  - 62-1


Evening League

Bere Regis   - 124-4 (T Bennett 24, D Scott 43 n.o.,N White 21 n.o. )

Hazelbury Bryan – 128-4 (D Rogerson 3-35)


Bere Regis    -  127-6 (N Cheeseman 59)

Cattistock    -  108   (P Macklin 4-22, D Rogerson 3-38)

Winfrith  74  (D Rogerson 3-15)

Bere Regis 75-5  (P Macklin 21)

Saturday XI

Played 9, won 6, lost 2, no result 1.  Have an average of 16.63 from 133 points.  Currently sit second in the division.  Results have dipped of late, but it has been a fantastic season so far with all of the new players fitting making excellent contributions, also existing players have upped their game.

Sunday XI,

Played 9, won 5, lost 2, no results 2.  Have an average of 16.29 from 114 points. Currently sit 3rd in the division.  As with Saturday there have been some top performances both home and away.  The team spirit has been second to none with an enjoyable time had by all.

Evening League XI:

League Division Two, 

Played 7, won 4, lost 3 and third in the league.  A tremendous turnaround in fortunes after losing the first three matches.  The team morale is arguably best personified in the Evening League XI.  Please note that there is a fixture change (for bar duty).  The home game against Puddletown Reserves will now be on Monday 27th July.

DDECL Cup.  

The team have out performed all previous seasons, and progressed in the Evening League Cup.  On Weds 1st July we were lucky enough to (not only get through), but host and play in the semi-final scheduled for our ground.  The side recorded a convincing victory against Martinstown II and will now complete in the final at Dorchester Recreation Ground on Friday 17th July against Martinstown.  This has been a history making achievement for our club, and thanks must go to the captain Nick Cheeseman, and the Chairman for organising work parties to make the ground the best in the county.  Many compliments were received from spectators (home and neutral) and players and umpires.  Many thanks for all those who helped on the barbecue from the organising to the cooking.  It really was a great night for the club.

Friendly XI

Played 1 game away to Milton Abbey School and we won for a change.  Many thanks to the Bar Treasurer for arranging this.

Cricket - Vice-Presidents

Another cricket season is underway and we are writing to keep you updated with progress at the club, to thank VP’s for last years’ generous response and ask for support from anyone interested in becoming a Vice-President.

The club again has Saturday, Sunday and mid week senior teams, plus a thriving Youth Section which has benefited directly from Vice-Presidents support by way of improved practice facilities.

Youth coaching sessions have started and are being held on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer.

To enable the Youth section to fully utilise these facilities the aim of our appeal in 2009 is to improve the quality and quantity of cricket kit and equipment available to them.

Should you wish to support the club by becoming a Vice-President, please contact Alan Green Tel.01929 471749 e-mail , Herbie Swann Tel.01929 472812 e-mail  or come along to any home match, where we will be more than pleased to welcome you.

Cricket 2009


After a winter of snow and more snow, during which a number of club members took it upon themselves to examine the finer points of Test cricket and the Digicel girls at close quarters, the approaching season promises much.
We look forward to welcoming new players young and old as well as renewing old rivalries and acquaintances. Indoor nets are again being held in Blandford for the first 2 weeks before moving outside into the sun for further practice on 19th, 23rd & 26th. We hope to see you there.


The Saturday and Sunday sides both maintained their position in their respective leagues.
The Evening League side, after valiantly clinging to Div I status for a couple of years have been relegated but unlike the Chairman’s trips to the bar, they intend to make the stay in Div 2 a short one!!


Owing to injuries and work commitments we were unable to field a team for the indoor season.



Training will be held for 9-14 year olds on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 – 8.00.This takes place indoors at Milton Abbey School on 7th-14th-21st & 28th April and then at the Rec from May –August.
For further details contact Andy Kent 471079

Tea Ladies

After many seasons of selfless effort Sally has relinquished the post of teas organiser. The club would like to extend its thanks for her contribution and ask anyone who is willing to help with teas to contact Yvette on 553814.


You can now follow the fortunes of BRCC on two different websites. For complete information on results please visit The Sports Club website continues at and will be regularly updated with match reports etc.


 Now you know that this is not an organisers’ benefit scam and that you can also help global warming by sinking the ‘Berg, feel free to Yell for an entry form or send an e-mail to,

Bere Regis C C Tour

The BRCC Tour is now confirmed for 4/5/6/7 September 2009.  With games confirmed for both Saturday and Sunday, the squad will be located in Crewkerne.



The club would like to thank all local businesses for their sponsorship in the past and for the coming season. Any additional sponsorship is always welcomed. Please contact Herbie Swann if interested.       
Working Parties
As ever the club & ground are kept in superb condition by a willing few, please make an effort to help for a few hours. Help is especially required on Tuesday evenings and on match day mornings. People are also needed to help behind the bar after matches.

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