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Cricket Report 2006

The final week of the season saw the Saturday side needing a win to maintain their Div 2 status. This they duly achieved by reducing Kingston Lacey to 92 a.o. and then scoring the required runs for the loss of only 4 wickets.

The Sunday side maintained their end of season form by winning 3 of the final 4 matches. The last of these was away to Bradford Abbas where the home side were bowled out for 147. In reply Bere lost only 2 wickets for a comfortable win and a very respectable mid table finish.

2006 Cricket Tour

After the rigours of the league season, the following weekend saw a collection of the young and not so young, set out on the annual pilgrimage to further the social boundaries of the beautiful game on a tour to Oxford.

The Pilgrims had barely left the village before steam was seen emanating from the bus.
Were we piston broke already? No, it was merely the chairman’s old geyser impression, brought about by the organisational chaos that had delayed departure by an hour.

Despite this our destination was reached in good time, with everyone looking forward to a meal and perhaps a late evening!
During the course of the meal the chairman received a delivery of Red Cross parcels, which turned out to be from mothers, wives and partners who were concerned that their loved ones were in need of a few home comforts on their first tour.
From this we established that Pete and Nick read nursery rhymes and that each has a teddy bear.

As the chairman was being thanked with a rendition of Terence Edward ……. the manager promptly demanded our silence and also took this as the signal for a re-enactment of Rorke’s Drift.
The Pilgrims bravely dug in behind their biscuit box wall of poker chips for the remainder of the evening, before retiring to their rooms, all too eager to take up the offer of visiting the hostelry up the road.

The rain that greeted the Pilgrims the following morning ensured that no cricket would be played. A day at the races was the nearest sporting alternative. Stratford race course was duly entered into Tom Tom and the bus pointed in the general direction. After a journey in which the tedium was broken only when being overtaken by an articulated lorry, the majority spent an expensive afternoon studying anything that looked to have a good pedigree or tight trousers.

The Saturday evening at the pub up the road was a return to tours of yesteryear. The welcome was friendly, the juke box played long and loud and people sang loud and long into the night. The art of playing air guitar was again demonstrated by two of the more senior members of the party, however the walk of life was only given 4.5 for artistic merit.

There was concern at breakfast on Sunday morning as staff searched for a kettle which had gone missing overnight. The man from Orange admitted his guilt, complaining that he had earlier overheard the young waitress talking about a liking for towing, which he took to mean that she had a caravan. His offer of a hard standing area onto which she could lower the legs at any time was not well received and necessitated bringing a kettle from his room with which to make a much needed cup of tea.      
Crisis averted, we finished breakfast and set off for the days cricket match.

Falkland Cricket Club near Newbury was a wonderful venue for the Pilgrims Sunday tour match.   Home to Berkshire for minor counties cricket it has a superb clubhouse and two excellent pitches.

 After being invited to bat, Bere Regis set about the home bowling with Dean Rogerson, Nick White and Gren Davis bringing up 100 within 15 overs. The fall of wickets, together with the threat of Portland Duck hovering in the background, helped slow the run rate until Pete Macklin, momentarily casting aside his Teddy, hit a swift 50 before retiring to give Steve Cheeseman the opportunity to be adjudged plumb lbw and claim Portland Duck as his prize.
The innings was held together by Peter Wharf until he was forced to retire- tired, at which point Bere Regis had amassed 222 and tea was taken.
 In reply Falkland made a steady start and had moved on to 65-1 before experience was brought into the proceedings with great effect.
Pete Cheeseman produced an indescribable spell of bowling which caused a middle order collapse,finishing with 4 wickets, only being denied a fifth when a dolly was dropped by a fumbling playboy at cover point.

Despite this Falkland hung on to draw the match with their last wicket pair still undefeated some 60 runs adrift of their target.

The fines committee were soon in operation at the after match social, with the most popular decision being the fines appeal committee being fined for daring to overrule the chairman.

Our thanks to Falkland C C for a very enjoyable day on and off the field.


Saturday Div 3

Bere Regis 163  K Brown 31, P Macklin 35, T Wilcox 29 n.o.
Pimperne    164-3

Bere Regis 91
Blandford II  92-1

Bere Regis 194-7   K Brown 80, S Hewitt 51 n.o.
Cattistock   198-3

Branksome  194  G E-Davis 3-27
Bere Regis  178   P Macklin 80 n.o. S Hewitt 26, D Rogerson 23

Sunday Div 3

Bere Regis  208-8  P Cheeseman 38 n.o. T Bennett 31, D Rogerson 27
Sturminster & Hinton 209-7  M Tatchell 3-55, D Rogerson 2-26

Bere Regis  211-5  T Bennett 91, P Fripp 46, S Hewitt 29
Sherborne  212-4  R Fripp 2-45

Bere Regis   107   S Hewitt 37   P Fripp 25
Ashmore    108-7  G E-Davis 3-19  A Green 2-20

Broadstone  254-3  M Tatchell 1-14
Bere Regis  258-9  M Tatchell 87, N Cheeseman 59, R Hewitt 29, R Fripp 30 n.o.

Bere Regis 189-9  P Fripp 56, M Tatchell 48, N White 36
Marnhull   188    G E-Davis 4-62  A Green 3-37

Evening League Div2

Cerne Valley 129-9  G E-Davis 3-25  S Cheeseman 3-34
Bere Regis 131-5   D Scott 35, S Hewitt 29 n.o. D Rogerson 29 n.o.

Bere Regis 129   N Cheeseman 35  S Hewitt 21
Cerne Valley 124-6   D Rogerson 3-35

Bere Regis 251-4   D Scott 112, S Hewitt 78 M Tatchell 42 
Cattistock  108-8     P Macklin 3-6

Bere Regis  193-6  N Cheeseman 53, T Bennett 57
Dorchester Youth  153-7  S Cheeseman 2-13

Saturday Div 3

Pavillion Sports 209-8
Bere Regis 211-8  S Hewitt 68, P Macklin 40, I Hardy 27 n.o.

Kingston Lacey 155-9  D Rogerson 3-46
Bere Regis 122  S Hewitt 35, A Kent 21

SuttonersII  184-8  G E-Davis 4-54
Bere Regis 188-6   N Cheeseman 57, D Rogerson 43

WimborneII  179-8  D Rogerson 4-50
Bere Regis  157       C Oram 35, S Hewitt 34, H Walker 21

Sunday Div 3

Ferndown   218
Bere Regis  143

Bere Regis  212-6  M Tatchell 132 n.o.
Abbotsbury  216-4   R Fripp 3-44

Poole Town II   149  R Fripp 4-33
Bere Regis   153-6  P Fripp 59

Evening League Div2

Dewlish 186-4  L Brady 2-55
Bere Regis 147  D Scott 57, G Davis 27

Bere Regis 125   N Cheeseman 37  P Macklin 24
Plush          129-7    G Davis 3-28

Bere Regis 147-5  S Hewitt 35  N Cheeseman 25 P Macklin 25
Dewlish    148-2     S Cheeseman 2-35

Saturday League Div 3

After a two week break due to rain the Saturday side traveled to Cattistock. Despite the home side making a good start, a middle order collapse and a hat-trick from Chris Oram saw Cattistock dismissed for 156. Bere  then cruised to a  convincing 5 wicket win on the back of  a solid opening stand from Dean Merritt and Kev Brown.
Cattistock 156       D Rogerson 5-39  C Oram 3-35
Bere Regis 159-5.   K Brown 35, D Merritt 35  N Cheeseman 32

An away trip to Branksome again saw Bere in the field and despite containing the home side for the first half of the innings, 6 dropped catches saw Branksome progress to 224-6.
The loss of early wickets looked to have ended Bere’s chances but Andy Kent and Nick Cheeseman, taking the attack to the spinners, led a recovery. Despite needing a run a ball from the half way point, Pete Macklin and Harry Walker carried the side to an impressive win with an over to spare.
Branksome 224-6      S Cheeseman 3-65
Bere Regis  228-6      P Macklin 55 n o, N Cheeseman 46, A Kent 45  H Walker 30 n o

Sunday League Div 3

Bere Regis 150      D Rogerson30, R Hewitt 27
Sturminster & Hinton 152-8    N White 3-50

Bere Regis 192-6   P Macklin 48, R Hewitt 26
Broadstone II  149  R Fripp 4-39

Bere Regis  149
Marnhull     151-3

Evening League Div 2

Bere Regis 109-5     N Cheeseman 36, D Rogerson 23
Dorchester Youth  110-5  T Furlong 2-26  G E-Davis 2-25


Martinstown 117-2
Bere Regis   121-8    M Tatchell 27, G Price 26, G E-Davis 23

Plush   134-4
Bere Regis  134-4  N Cheeseman 66, T Bennett 39

Cattistock  150-4  G E-Davis  2-29
Bere Regis  152-3  D Scott 92 (7 sixes), S Hewitt 43 n o

K O Cup

Winfrith  78  P Macklin 3-10  G E-Davis 3-22
Bere Regis  79-1  D Rogerson 46 n o

K.O. Cup

Bere Regis  116-5   N Cheeseman 73
St Georges  119-7   P Macklin 3-25, S Cheeseman 2-29

Abbotsbury  141-5    D Rogerson  4-39
Bere Regis   143-4     D Rogerson 55, T Bennett 24

Saturday League Div 3 Results

Bere Regis 147 a.o.   K Brown 33, D Rogerson 39

SuttonersII  148-2


Bere Regis  197-8      K Brown 70, P Macklin 30

Wimborne II 140 a.o. I Hardy 3-22  G Davis 2-29 A Green 2-23


Pimperne  168-9

Bere Regis  145 a.o.


Sunday League Div 3 Results

Bere Regis 227-5      M Tatchell 88, D Scott 45

Abbotsbury 213 a.o.  M Tatchell 3-36  C Holland  3-45


Bere Regis 182-7

Poole Town II  101 a.o.


Evening League Div 2 Result

Bere Regis 124-4     T Bennett 32, D Scott 47

Abbotsbury 126-5     T Furlong 3-36


Whilst interest has focused on the field, in which time the Sunday side has taken the honours with an unbeaten start to the season, the off field focus has been on the refurbishment of the changing rooms. Thanks to the efforts of John Ruskin and Paul Moss the club now has much improved changing facilities and showers, for which the players and club express their grateful thanks.     


Bere Cricket field

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