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CHAMPIONS! 2003-2004

Bere Regis' Indoor Cricket team clinched the clubs first indoor title after a nail-biting finale to the 2003/04 season. Requiring a victory against Dewlish to stand any chance of the title, Bere started off very slowly and, batting first, had only scored 48 off the first six overs. However some big hitting and some quick running in between the wickets saw Bere put on 99 runs in the last six overs to finish 147-4. Demoralised by the numbers of runs conceded towards the end of Bere's innings, Dewlish never really threatened Bere and all out off the final ball of the game (thanks to a terrific catch by Gren Davis) for 100, to give Bere a 47 run victory.

With victory obtained, the Bere squad nervously watched the game between second placed Old Blandfordians 'A' and third placed Milton Abbas. A win for Old Blandfordians would see Bere lift the trophy while a win for Milton Abbey would see the title decided on the final game of the season when Milton Abbas were playing again. Milton Abbas posted a strong total and looked favourites to win the game, however some loose bowling let Old Blandfordians into the game and they wrapped up victory, to the delight of the Bere faithful, with five balls to spare.

Squad: Steve Cheeseman, Matt Tatchell, Martyn Price, Dave Scott, Alan Green, Paul Fripp and Gren Davis. (with one off appearances from Dean Merritt, Pete Macklin and Chris Oram)


Played Won Tied Lost Rate Points
BERE REGIS 13 11 0 2 34.11 22
Old Blandfordians A 13 10 1 2 67.35 21
Milton Abbas 12 10 0 2 36.59 20
Dewlish 11 7 0 4 31.28 14
Sixpenny Handley 13 5 1 7 28.85 11
Old Blandfordians B 13 3 0 10 24.55 6
Hazelbury Bryan 13 3 0 10 24.30 6
Shillingstone 13 1 0 12 29.02 2


19th October 2003 Bere Regis 142-4 (S.Cheeseman 48no, D.Scott 36) Shillingstone 103-3 (P.Fripp 2-23) Bere Regis won by 39 Runs

2nd November 2003 Sixpenny Handley vs Bere Regis Bere Regis won

16th November 2003 Bere Regis 170-4 (M.Tatchell 44) Old Blandfordians 'B' 136ao (G.Davis 2-39) Bere Regis won by 24 runs

23rd November 2003 Bere Regis 162-3 (D.Scott 46no M.Tatchell 36 M.Price 31no S.Cheeseman 28no) Old Blandfordians 'A' 145-4 Bere Regis won by 17 runs

7th December 2003 Milton Abbas 112ao Bere Regis 106-4 Bere Regis lost by 6 runs

14th December 2003 Bere Regis 98ao (M.Price 15) Hazelbury Bryan 94ao Bere Regis won by 4 runs

11th January 2004 Bere Regis 106-5 (M.Tatchell 44no) Dewlish 90-5 Bere Regis won by 16 runs

18th January 2004 Bere Regis 150-3 (M.Tatchell 45no P.Fripp 28no G.Davis 19no) Shillingstone 134-4 Bere Regis won by 16 runs

1st February 2004 Bere Regis 162-3 (M.Tatchell 44no M.Price 33no A.Green 27no) Sixpenny Handley 96-4 Bere Regis won by 66 runs

15th February 2004 Bere Regis vs Old Blandfordians 'B' Bere Regis won

22nd February 2004 Bere Regis vs Old Blandfordians 'A' Bere Regis Lost

29th February 2004 Bere Regis vs Milton Abbey Bere Regis won

7th March 2004 Bere Regis 184-1 Hazelbury Bryan 104-3 Bere Regis won by 80 runs

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