Pictures from the past

Firstly we see old friends and hair cuts from the Saturday team of Robbie Hall (aka Shirley Temple due to the 70s perm).

Saturday all stars

Now from the same era a look at our original Sunday Heroes.

Original Sunday heroes

The hair cuts are more respectable apart from the beloved manager Freddie Boswell (aka Nick Macklin). 
What is our favourite farmer scratching? Or is he trying to produce a calf?

The next snap has promoted Freddie to the team.

The handsome chaps

These were desperate times with your Webmaster (Pip Evans) and two managers (Nick Macklin and Andy Cheeseman) playing.

Hang on where is our pillar of the community and captain. Here he comes. Late after a Saturday night of sobriety and staying in for that important match the next day.

Paul Moss

Please note the fine figure of an athlete and the life giving aid in his left hand.

All Sunday heroes should be made in this mould.

I don't think so.