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Hi Fellow Petanquers

Bournemouth North Rotary Club


The Bournemouth North Rotary Club are hosting a charity petanque ‘pairs’ competition to which you and your members are cordially invited.

The event will be held at the Merley Social Club, Harrier Drive, Merley, Wimborne BH21 1XE on Sunday 25th April 2010. Registration will be at 9.40 a.m. and the first games will commence at 10.00 a.m. (See enclosed map)

Invitations are extended to all member clubs in the New Forest league and to all petanque sections of rotary clubs in the area. Matches will be played on three purpose-built terrains, and 12 temporary terrains on the gravel car park, all of which are located at the rear of the main club building. The winners of the competition will receive an impressive engraved trophy and commemorative shields.

Hot food, in the form of burgers, hot-dogs etc, along with tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available, and the social club bar will be open for business from 1200 noon onwards. There will also be a raffle of various prizes including petanque-related items, fine wines, chocolates etc. All monies raised on the day will be donated to Rotary’s ‘End Polio Now’ campaign. (See enclosed details).

Those attending should understand that as regular recipients of the ‘Friendliest Club in the New Forest league’ trophy, (awarded annually to the club with the most consistently unsuccessful players) our geniality will not extend to our customary practice of sacrificing matches simply to ensure that visiting teams enjoy their visit. So you can forget the ‘playing for fun’ philosophy that is routinely spouted - we are out to win this one!

I will be grateful if you will please let me know as soon as possible if any of your members wish to partake in this pre-season extravaganza. An entrance fee of £8 per pair will be payable on the day.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Maidment
Flat 2,
8 St Augustins Road
Dorset BH2 6NX
Tel: 01202 557498
E-mail –


The Boules page

Hi Fellow Petanque Player,

The BPF have released the British Pétanque Federation Competition Rules 2005

They DO that make interesting reading have areas of interesting

share your thoughts on the new qualifying system for national events by becoming a member and posting your comments at Read the full British Pétanque Federation Competition Rules 2005 at or at

If you have not visited for a while, come and see what players have been talking about, even if these rules are of no interest to you.





Two teams of two of three players play the game. In teams of two each player has three boules, in teams of three each player has two boules.

Players use metal boules having a diameter between 7 cm and 8 cm and a weight not exceeding 800 grammes. The marker ball, (the cochonnet), is wooden and should have a diameter between 25mm and 30mm.

The Starting team is decided by the toss of a coin. One member of the team chooses the starting place and draws on the ground a circle in which to stand, 36 cm 6to 50cm across. Both the feet of the thrower must remain inside the circle till the boule lands.

The First Thrower throws the cochonnet between 6m and 10m away, not near that 50 cm from the edge of the terrain or from any obstacle (wall or tree etc.) if playing on open ground.

He/she then throws their first boule, trying to place it as near as possible to the cochonnet.

A player from the other team then comes into the circle and tries to throw his/her boule nearer to the cochonnet, or to knock away the leading boule. The boule nearest to the cochonnet is the leading boule.

Then it is up to a player in the team not leading to throw until his/her team gets a leading boule and so on.

When a team has no more boules left the players of the other team continue to throw theirs and try to place them as close as possible to the cochonnet

When both teams have no more boules left, the points are counted. The winning team gets as many points as it has boules nearer to the cochonnet than the best boule of the team losing that end.

A player of the winning team throws the cochonnet back up the terrain from where it is i.e. in the opposite direction to that in which the previous end was played. The game starts again and continues, reversing the direction of play each end, until one team reaches 13 points.

During the Match

A measure (like those used in bowls) and some means of scoring should be available.

If a boule hits the frame surrounding the terrain and stays within the terrain it is nevertheless considered to be a dead boule and should be picked up and removed

Players should change ends after each end has been played.

In the relatively rare event that the best boule from both teams is the same distance from the cochonnet (i.e. effectively a tied end) that end should be replayed from the same end.



Twinning association meet Sports Club in final

The hottest match of the year Herbie and Sue of the Sports Club got off to a magnificent start by taking what was an 8-nil lead over the Twinning Aossociation. The twinning association had paid massive transfer fees to import a genuine Frenchman Gilles alongside Judy Newton. At 8-0 down the French connection dug deep to gradually get back into the game. Finally they took the game 13 -11 after some close games even with niggle between Herbie Swann and the nompere 'umpire'.

The second leg was a runaway victor to the Twinners who were well into their stride with Judy Newton playing devastating shots.

This competition has been a success but we would like to see more use made of the boule pitch so book up an evening get in some practice as we want to see many more teams in this competition next year.

Many thanks to Bob James and roger who turned out on the bitterly cold summer evenings to organise this event and to the Carnival committee for running the event.

Semi Finals:

Semi final between the Autumn Leaves and the Twinning Association saw the Twinning Association Team of Bob James and Judy Newton beat the Husband and Wife Team of Cath and Charlie Jeeves to reach the final of the competition

The first semi final of the Carnival Boules competition took place on a gloomy overcast night between the youth sport Club team of Brian Benjafield and Pete Macklin and the mature team of Sue Stone and Herbie Swann.

With a steady start the Swann & Stone team suddenly with taking 5 points on one game spring to an 8-1 lead and the youngsters dug deep to get back to 8-5 by taking singlepoints of the next four games but the Stone Swanns scored sufficient points to take the first leg.  The Second leg was contested nip and tuck with no side taking more than one or two points a game and at no time was the lead more than one point.

At 8 -8 the Swann Stones took two points and then two points off the next game in some interesting games with Herbie Swann playing last to win the points.  On the final game Sue Stone took the final point to win the match to go on to the final on Saturday.

This solved the problem of how Brian was going to get back from kenya to play the final on Saturday.

Twinning Association and Autumn Leaves make up semis

The Twinning Association Team beat the Woodbury singers and in an exciting tactical game the Husband and wife team of Autumn Leaves team (Kath and Charlie Jeeves)  beat the Drax Hall Husband and wife Team of Sally and Gordon Cheeseman.


The Sports Club second team Comprising (Brian Benjafield and Pete Macklin) beat the Carnival committee (Colin and Wendy) last week and then went on to beat the Womens Institute tonight. 

The other sports Club team of (Herbie Swann and Sue Stone) beat the Gardening Club (Adrian and Andy) in a tense game going to three legs on a windswept evening on 21st to qualify for the semi finals