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Brass 2009

After recovering from the summer holidays in 2008, and the rain if you stayed in the UK, there are rumours of skiing trips once again being planned for 2009.  One interesting holiday snap from Crete  uncovers a new resort for us to explore!

Skking in Crete!

Once again a few of us hit the slopes of Chamonix with new member Lee Rousell

2009 BRASS

Brass 2008

In 2008 we saw expeditions to our old favourites Argentiere and Courmayer by the Evans family and Rob.  Plus our old friend Simon took a small party to Bulgaria.  Alec and family took and even larger party to the Alps.

BRASS 2007


Gadget man and the Sailing section of BRASS went off to Austria.  We have another BRASS member as  Gadget man took his daughter with him to Austria for 4 days.


The second trip was at Easter when went off to our old favourite Argentiere.  Mr Thunderbay (Rob) showed us how to avoid trees along with recently exiled Bere Regis resident and mountaineer Phil.  I  also like Gadget man took my siblings Alice and Matt (plus a PSP and Laptop to keep them quiet in the evenings).   The Evans family holiday was cut short when international events demand that he returned to the UK.  Buy me a beer and I will tell you all.  Already looking forward to 2008.

We arrived in Argentiére to find very little snow in the village and valley.  There was skiing on the higher slopes.  Starting off as ice then by late morning it was execellent but after lunch it all turned to slush.  So we learnt how to water skii.

Matt started the week well by damaging his knee but he struggled  on with some vin chaud
Alice Alice soon followed suit by spraining her wrist .  Her scarf came in handy as a sling.

The sun shone and we could of skied in short sleeve T-shirts.
We ventured through the Mont Blanc tunnel and skied in  Italy.  Well eventually we skied after being lost in Italy.  One tip when you come out the Mont Blanc tunnel take the next tunnel on the right.  If you take the left one you will not find a turn off for 30 kms.

Italian slopes were fun and the new boarders (Alice and Matt) enjoyed them.  Alice came across her first hole in the floor loo!
Lost in Italy

Altitude with attitude

BRASS 2006

This winter seasons sees BRASS expanding with three expedition.  Phil our mountaineer went to the Andes to climb peaks for the New Year.  We have two new members of BRASS as Phil is accompanied by friends from North Street.  Full story click here.

Another trip to Argentiere see below.

Founder members Lillie and Scott and a new BRASS member Mr Gamble went for a foray to the snow in mid-March.   Their new recruit comes from the dizzy heights of Boswell Close so was be able to handle the attitude.

Gadget man is in between jobs but has threaten to becomes a ski bum for the season.  We saw him in Chamonix.

Enjoy and don't forget:

'Only Cowards - Slowdown'

Argentiere 2006 - First Expedition

This year Bere Regis Alpine Sports Society first expedition to Argentiere included Rob, Pip and Phil arrived safely on day 1 to find Nigel had arrived the day before. Nigel admitted he had fallen on his first day. Drinks in Nigel. After several pitchers of Stella and chips we were ready for dinner. Cheese, Cheese and more Cheese was on the menu in soups, grilled and puddings. Eventually we end the evening in our favourite bar surrounded by men and ladies with silly hats wearing their pants on the outside of their jeans. They were French after all and we excused their odd behaviour.
BRASS 2006 Ziggy's Bar
Day 2 snow, snow and snow every where. All runs closed. After an expedition to the supermarket and several pain au chocolats later we left for La Tour.  Eventually a bus came and it was about time as we began to resemble snowmen.  Got to La Tour and the pistes were still closed. So joined the kiddies on the nursery slopes. Phil first to fall. Pip soon joined him head first and ate snow and half the mountain.

Lunch involved omeletes and vin chaud followed by more terrorising of kids on the nursery slope.

Time for afternoon nap to recharge batteries for the next installment. After an evening of fine food containing the usual cheese lard and more cheese we had to resort to talking to each other.

Day 3 snow, snow and more snow. No skiing at all.  An expedition was planned to Switzerland but even the trains weren't running. Plan C was instigated and we had  lunch in Ziggy's. More cheese this time in the form of a pizza. Then an energetic afternoon snoozing on the settee followed by an exhausting game of cards. Eventually hunger set in and like all good hunter gathers we found the mobile and booked another restaurant. This time there wasn't much cheese on the menu but the chat up lines to the waitress included plenty.

Eventually resorted to type and end up in Ziggy's. Pichet man has delivered. Stella is still our best mate.

Tomorrow Les Houches beckons as we will have to change resort to find some skiing.

Day 4 we found snow, ice, avalanches and a bus to Les Houches where we skied on the World Cup giant slalom downhill course.

Yes we actually skied.

The day started with totally apathy and croissants as it was snowing and all lifts closed. So we caught a bus down the valley to another resort. After several queues for buses, ski passes and bubble lift we made it to soft white powder snow but little visibility.  After trying to ski on top of a flat mountain we decided to go downhill.  As we descended the visibility improved but we found ice rather craftily hidden under fresh snow. After several falls by Pip causing several avalanches we descended further. Nigel 'gadget man' took on the black run whilst the remainder had a event free ski taking on tunnels and snow cannons.

Les Houches

Several runs later we returned to apartment and gadget man who was only person with full ski pass went up the cable car and descended on more ice at the lower levels.

By dinner the visibility was excellent. Tomorrow will be excellent for skiing but three of us will be on plane going home.
There and I didn't mention cheese on day 4.

Day 5 and 6 Nigel reports excellent skiing at Le Tour but three of us are back at work.

Second Expedition

The 2nd trip to Argentiere by Brass included Alec, Simon and new member Steve Gamble.

Blazing sunshine no wind perfect snow: Alec first to fall !!!!!!!!!!!    Down the stairs:

Steve coping very well aided by a mars bar and fag every 30 minutes.  Send more money. Alec and Simon hopeful of interesting photo for website (hopefully with their clothes on!)

More sunshine, more beer, more pain.

Steve has declared that taking his boots off at the end of the day is better than sex  (sorry Claire)

We couldn't have picked a better week - at the mid station almost too warm.

Skiing 2005

Here are some photos of BRASS's 2005 skiing trip.  

BRASS in tree Who is that unfortunate BRASS member in the tree?
It's Rob our favourite airport shuttle driver. 
I hope he don't drive his shuttle like that on the way to the airport
Rob hugs tree
Phil Phil at Aiguille du Midi
Argentiére main street
Red Train
Rob and Mont Blanc
Skiers descending to the Valle Blanche
A skier taking the steep route to Vallée Blanche
Warning you're own your own The warning before leaving fro Vallée Blanche.
You're on your own!!
Off piste in Switzerland Offpiste in Switzerland
Pip with a coffee!
An injured thumb.
Mountain Mountain view

Mount Elbrus 2004

Phil Phil during Mount Elbrus climb.

Skiing 2004

Chamonix Mont-Blanc - France

Les Grandes Montets
Duck walker
Aguille du Dru
Mer du Glace Argentiere
Simon Alec with Stella
Pip Simon with a pole