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THE VISION - Bere Regis in the future

 Arural parish of outstanding natural beauty and diversity of wild life.
 A community that is very much 'alive', comprising the village and a number of outlying
settlements. Home to people who value both the setting & its people.
 The population growing slowly. A wide spread of ages and diversity of backgrounds, as
now. No major influx of inhabitants.
 Some increase in the 'dormitory' role for those working in nearby towns, accompanied
by a slowly developing local economy.

INTENT - what the Parish Plan sets out to do

To keep alive the particular character of Bere Regis and to ensure that it
continues for the next generation to enjoy.

 the environment
 the way people can feel happy, belonging, supported and cared for
 the "village" feel, with heritage, characters, pubs, shops, churches & school
 the safe & law-abiding community

To improve some aspects of life in the Parish

 traffic, especially safety on the roads
 the standard of upkeep of public spaces, highways & byways
 more inclusion & facilities for younger people
 the availability of housing, particularly "affordable" housing
 medical facilities
 public transport
 opportunities for local employment

THE APPROACH - how we propose to make it possible

 Policies – which describe what we want to do
 Priorities – which set out what is more important
 Action Plans – which say how we will do itThis is a plan about looking after Bere Regis, now and for future generations.

A full version of the plan can be dowloaded by clicking here.

A copy of the action plans can also be downloaded by clicking here.