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Quiz Rules


1. All matches will be played on the night agreed locally and will commence at 8.30pm unless ALL teams in the league agree otherwise

2. Each team will consist of a maximum of 4 players, but there is no lower limit to the number of players who may represent a team. No substitutes will be allowed during the course of a game.

No player may play for more than one team in the same season unless his or her original team has resigned from the league, or the offending team may forfeit the game in question.

3. The home team will normally be responsible for providing a question-person and a score/timekeeper

4. 2 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw.

5. In the event of a team failing to turn up, the game will be awarded to their opponents. The non offending team will be credited with a score equal to their average to date and the offending team will be given a score of zero. Should the first fixture of the season not be played, the non offending team will be given a score of 40.

6. Re arranged fixtures will NOT be allowed, except in extreme circumstances, such as bereavement.

7. If a team resigns from the League during the course of the season, their record will be deleted and all matches involving them will be void.

8. Questions will be sent to venues in clearly marked and sealed envelopes. The envelope must be opened in the presence of both team captains on the night of the match. If the envelope is opened prior to this, the visiting side may claim the match.

9. A score sheet will be sent with each set of questions. This must be signed by both teams at the end of each match and the result notified to the League Secretary by telephone WITHIN 24 HOURS. The score sheet must also be sent to him/her within 3 days unless otherwise instructed. THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CAPTAIN OF THE WINNING SIDE or his nominee. If this is not done, the match will be considered void and no points awarded to either side. In the event of a draw, it is the responsibility of the home side to communicate the result.

10. In the event of two teams having an equal number of points at the end of the season, the team who have scored the highest number of game points will be the winner. The number of points scored against a team is totally irrelevant.


1. Each game will consist of eight rounds of eight questions. The questions will be asked on an alternate basis, with the away team having the option of going in first. At the end of round four, the order of play will be reversed.

2. There will be six rounds of consultation questions and two rounds of individual questions.

3. In the consultation rounds, team members may confer with each other. The captain must give the agreed answer within 30 seconds. If the answer is correct TWO POINTS will be awarded. If the answer is incorrect or no answer is given, the question must be passed to the other side. The opposing captain has a further 10 seconds to give his team's agreed answer, which if correct scores ONE POINT.

4. In the Individual Rounds, the Question person will announce the subjects of the questions. The teams will then decide who is going to answer on which subject. No one will be allowed to answer on more than one subject. A correct answer, given within 20 seconds, will score TWO POINTS.

If no answer or an incorrect answer is given, the question must be passed over to the member of the opposing side who has elected to answer on the same subject. A correct answer, given within 10 seconds of the question being passed over, will score ONE POINT.

If a team has only three players, the captain or his/her nominee, for a possible ONE POINT, may answer the fourth question in the Individual Round. This person must be nominated BEFORE the question is asked. If the question is answered incorrectly, it must be passed over to the opposing team member who has elected to answer on that subject for a possible ONE POINT.

Once the subjects have been announced for the Individual Rounds, there must be no verbal or written communication between team members.

5. The question person must only accept the first answer he or she hears.

6. A team may ask for clarification or repeat of a question before timing starts. Once timing has started, any further clarification will be part of a team's allocated thinking time. i.e. no extra time is to be allowed.

7. Any prompting by supporters will result in maximum points for the question being awarded to the opposition.

8. There should be a short break at half time to refill glasses.

9. Question persons must maintain strict neutrality at all times.

10. Any disputes, which arise during the course of a game, may be referred to the organizers within 24 hours, whose decision on all matters is final.


Both these rounds are consultation rounds and the timings are the same as in previous rounds


There are four linked questions for each side, in (hopefully!) ascending order of difficulty.

The first is worth one point for a correct answer.

If the team, on hearing the second question, elect to stick, they remain with one point.

If they answer it correctly, their score for that round doubles to 2 points.

If they get it wrong, they forfeit all their points on that round.

Question 3 again doubles the round score, to 4 points, and question 4 to 8 points.

At each stage, an incorrect answer will mean forfeiting all points gained for that round.

As soon as a team sticks or gives an incorrect answer, the opposition have their go at their four linked questions.



Each question is set in two parts.

If the team to whom it is asked think they know the answer after hearing the first part only, they may answer for 4 points, or they may ask for the second part for a possible 2 points.

If they get it wrong, after hearing the first part only, it passes to the opposing team, who may either answer for 3 points, or ask for the extra information for 1 point.

Similarly, if the original team gets it wrong after the second part, it passes over for a possible 1 point.



The following comments should be read in conjunction with the rules.

1. It is essential that the sealed envelope is shown to both team captains for inspection before opening at the start of the match.

2. Anything in brackets in the answers to questions is for information only and is not required for the award of points. If a team attempts to provide this information, ignore their answer. Thus an incorrect bracketed first name accompanied by a correct surname should be regarded as correct. However, if he first name is not bracketed, it is to be regarded as an essential part of the answer.

3. Please note carefully the rule regarding the repetition of questions and subsequent timing. If teams appear to be abusing this rule by asking for multiple repetition of every question before timing starts, you have the authority to repeat the question once only.

4. Only allow a spare question if BOTH captains disagree with the answer on the paper and agree to the use of a spare. Use the spare questions in the order they are given on the paper. However, please note that the spare questions have been used in the past when the answer on the quiz paper has been perfectly correct!

5. Remember the quiz is supposed to be a fun night out in a pub, so give teams the benefit of the doubt if you think they are close enough to the answer.

6. We cannot cover every possibility that may arise during the course of a quiz and in the end your discretion and common sense must be the final arbiter.

7. Your impartiality is essential to the smooth running of the quiz