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ROGS 1999

The first AGM of ROGS was held in the skittle alley of the Royal Oak on Wednesday 24th February 1999.

It was confirmed that Ali Hewitt would be Captain for the new season with Jim Corbin as his Vice Captain and Jim would become Captain in the Millennium year.

The first match of the season was played at the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club for the GRS Architects Trophy kindly sponsored by Guy Storey on the 26th March 1999.

With a turnout of 16 players which included new players to the Society such as John Spurdle, Mike Davies, Alan Mattey and Roy Jones.

1st Alan Mattey             28 points (cpo)

2nd Rob Hall                  28 points

3rd Roger Duncanson    26 points

On Friday 30th April Jim Corbin sponsored his Trophy and this was played for at Wareham.

New players were Dean Merritt, Simon (Scoobie ) Tissington, Steve Pryor, Brett Standerwick and Alan Rideout which took the total to 18 players.


1st Ali Hewitt Captain 36 points

2nd. Rob Hall                33 points

3rd Roger Duncanson   31 points

I am not sure when we started playing nearest the pin and longest drive but the first records we have is for May 1999 when on Friday 28th we played at Ashley Wood.

The 16 players included Jason Pearce who played for the first time with ROGS.

We were playing for the Ringwood Trophy, which is a model of a Black Boar which we found in the cellar of the Royal Oak. We had a nice base made for it and used it for a few years as one of our annual trophies.  It is now renamed The Tourist Trophy and is won by the overall winner of our overseas autumn tour.

The local Ringwood rep had given us two dozen bottles of Old Thumper Ale and these were used as prizes.

The longest drive was won by Jim Corbin (Vice) and nearest the pin by Graeme Price.

1st Rob Hall       40 points

2nd Ali Hewitt    35 points

3rd Dean Merritt 33 points

We had been down in the Royal Oak cellar again and found a brass plaque of the Whitbread Brewery who were the owners at that time of the Oak. Mike Jones the landlord said we could have it and Bobber had one of his mates make up a board to mount the Plaque on.  It turned into a great trophy and the Whitbread Shield was first played for at Crane Valley on the 25th June.

The Whitbread rep, Paul Gill (what a great name for a brewery rep) played this day and brought some prizes along.Tim Percy played with us for the first time and brought the numbers to 15 players for the day with 2 caddies, Brian Hollinshead and the late Pat Cope who were both presented with a polo shirt from Paul Gill.

Frenchie also received a polo shirt for being the longest walker!

Nearest the pin on the 6th was Ali Hewitt and the longest drive was won again by Jim Corbin

1st Dean Merritt          42 points  (28 to 25)

2nd Roger Duncanson 38 points (cpo)

3rd Paul Ebsworth       38 points

Friday 30th July we were at East Dorset playing the Lakeland Course for the Landlords Cup and we now had 20 members with Alan Lambert and Ed Donlin joining.

Nearest the pin on the 7th was won by John Spurdle and the longest drive by Paul Ebsworth.

Our two caddies, Pat and Brian were joined by Kev ( Sawn off )Saunders.

1st Roger Duncanson   43 points

2nd John Spurdle          37 points

3rd Graeme Price          36 points

On 27th August we played at Meyrick Park, Bournemouth for the Rob Hall Hackers Trophy.

We had a turnout of 20 players and Rob Hall won nearest the pin on the 12th and Russell French hit a screamer to win by at least 30 yards the longest drive on the 13th.

1st Dean Merritt    42 points  (25 to 22)

2nd Rob Hall         38 points

3rd Alan Mattey    35 points

The Captains Cup was played for at Knighton Heath on Friday 17 th September with 19 players

 Knighton Heath being a members owned Club had stricter rules than clubs we had played at in the past.

This particular day was very warm and 8 of the players had not brought a jacket, only a collar and tie.

They were not aware that after 7pm you could only enter the clubhouse wearing collar, tie and jacket  so to smooth our path the Captain of Knighton Heath allowed those with Jackets to convene for dinner. Once seated our Captain, Ali Hewitt advised those members seated that they could remove their jackets due to the warmth and then the other 8 members joined us for dinner.You couldn’t make it up could you!

Nearest the pin on the 11th was won by Alan Mattey and the longest drive was won by his guest D. Weston.

1st Dean Merritt     36 points (cpo)   22 to 19

2nd Alan Mattey     36 points

3rd Martin Barlow  35 points

The annual Greensome Pairs competition was played at East Dorset on the 29th October on the Dorsetshire Course for the Zoom Trophy with Alan Green making the numbers to 18 players.

Paul Ebsworth won the longest drive on the 6th and John Spurdle won the nearest the pin on the 15th.

1st Mike Jones and John Spurdle     41 point

2nd Jason Pearce and Alan Mattey   34 points

The Shaun Brady Summer Knockout Cup was won in 1998 by Alan Mattey

The Shaun Brady Summer Knockout Cup was won in 1999 by Graeme Price