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ROGS 2000

The AGM for the millennium was held at the Royal Oak skittle alley on Thursday 24th February when Ali Hewitt retired as Captain and passed the Captains Oak to Jim Corbin as the incoming Captain.Guy Storey was elected as Vice Captain and Ali Hewitt was appointed the first President of the Society.

The President pays no membership fee in his year of office as a mark of gratitude from the members to the past Captain.

The first outing of the year was on Friday 31st March at Knighton Heath playing for the GRS Architects Trophy.

23 players turned out with first outings for Bobber White, Martin Debenham and Roger Johns.  Alan Lambert brought his guest , the late Ian Holding

Nearest the pin on the 11th was won by Paul Ebsworth and the longest drive on the 10th was won by Alan Mattey.

1st Jim Corbin       35 points Captain

2nd Dean Merritt   34 points (cpo)

3rd Tim Percy        34 points

The next outing was at Wareham Golf Club for the Jim Corbin Cup on April 28th.

Nearest the pin was on the 11th and the longest drive was on the 12th but I do not have the winners details.

28 turned out, our best to date and amongst the guests was Jimmers bother Tony, Jonathan Clay and John Bryant.

1st  Graeme Price      41 points

2nd  Dean Merritt      38 points

3rd Roger Duncanson 32 points

Friday 26th May we played a medal round at Wolfedale Golf Club near Dorchester for the Ringwood Trophy.

A medal round is where you record every shot you take over 18 holes , you then add up the total number of shots taken, deduct your handicap from this total which gives you the nett score which is your result. 18 players braved the rain which lasted all day and that adds to the misery of a bad round.

1st Tim Percy         gross 94   hcp 27      nett 67

2nd Dean Merritt    gross 84   hcp 15      nett 69

3rd Alan Mattey     gross 91   hcp 17      nett 74

The 30th June we played for the Whitbread Shield at Dudsbury Golf Club and Paul Gill Again put up some prizes.Nearest the pin on the 2nd was Martin Debenham  on the 8th  it was Ali Hewitt and on the 18th  it was Russell French.Longest drive on the 6th  was Martin Debenham and on the 13th  it was Graeme Price.

1st Paul Ebsworth        36 points

2nd Roger Duncanson  35 points

3rd Martin Debenham  34 points

The 28th July saw us go to Bridport Golf Club for the first time as a Society and in anticipation of a good summers day out we hired a coach to take us and bring us back home .There were 26 of us playing for the Landlords Cup for the 3rd time since the Society started and we were in the old clubhouse on the East Cliff over looking West Bay.

I was brought up here as a boy and it has always been one of my most loved areas anywhere
.John Smith and Richard Chivers joined us for this outing.

 We had started the Consistency Trophy this season (2000) and after 3 outings Dean Merritt was leading with a Stableford Average of 36 and Pricey second with an average of 35

Yet again I must apologise that the records are incomplete because I do not have details of nearest the pin or the longest drive.

What I do have however is a memory of an excellent day out and to see ROGS members in the Bridport Arms the West Bay and the George Hotel is something we will remember forever.

1st Shaun Brady          38 points

2nd Martin Debenham 36 points (cpo)

3rd John Bryant            36 points


On Friday 18th August we played for the Rob Hall Hackers Trophy at Meyrick Park Bournemouth.

With a turnout of 22 players you could see the Society improving and growing in terms of numbers , camaraderie, golf etiquette and golfing standards.

The longest drive was won by Richard Chivers on the 14th and nearest the pin on the 12th was won by Russell ( Bobber) White.We had started the twos comp. This season and there was £110 in the kitty and this was shared out between Bobber who birdied the 12th and Alan Mattey who birdied the 8th.I bet they have spent it by now.

1st Martin Debenham  40 points

2nd Shaun Brady         38 points

3rd Rob Hall                34 points

The Captains Cup was the next to play for at Weymouth on September 29 th and amongst the 23 players was Peter Wharf of this Parish who joined us for some cultural entertainment.

Nearest the pin on the 10th was won by Shaun Brady and the Longest Drive was won by John Spurdle on the 3rd.

1st Tim Percy      39 points

2nd Mike Jones   37 points

3rd Alan Mattey  36 points

On October 5th.  13 golfers and 3 wives went to Middleton in Cork for the first of our autumn tours. We flew from Bournemouth to Cork on the Thursday when we collected five  M. P. V. S  on arrival at the Airport and drove the short journey to Water Rock Golf Club. The cost for the flight ,luggage,hotel, golf and cars was £233 each golfer!

We stayed in Middleton town which is a Murphys stronghold and consequently everywhere we went that weekend (Ireland were playing Portugal in a World Cup qualifier that Saturday) they had Guiness promotions on and the Guiness was free!!!

Our Captain J.C. drove off the first tee at 1pm and the tour commenced.when we played for the French Open Trophy

1st Graeme Price    36 points

2nd Guy Storey       34 points

3rd Rob Hall           33 points

The next day we played the Macroom Golf course and a pairs competition and this competition was named the Middleton Cup

1st  Martin Debenham and Guy Storey     37 points

2nd Jim Corbin and John Smith                  32 points

3rd  Rob Hall and Peter Wharf                    31 points.

On the Saturday we went to beautiful Bantry Bay and played for the Bantry Bay Tray. 1st  Shaun Brady      31 points (cpo)

2nd Rob Hall            31 points

3rd Jim Corbin         29 points

The final day Sunday we were due to fly home but before that we played Fota Island which was to host the Irish Open the following summer.

We named this Trophy the Fota Island Pint.

1st Martin Debenham     29 points

2nd Guy Storey               28 points (cpo)

3rd John Bryant               28 points 

The overall winner of our first tour was

1st Rob Hall        89 points

2nd Jim Corbin    84 points

3rd John Bryant   83 points

On the 27th October 22 players turned up to play our annual Greensomes Pairs competition at Moors Valley golf club.


1st Shaun Brady and Ed Donlin       34 points

2nd Paul Ebsworth and Guy Storey  31 points (cpo)

3rd Ali Hewitt and Russell White     31 points


Paul Ebsworth had introduced his Paul Ebsworth Builders Matchplay Shield which would be played for every winter as a  knockout competition.

The final was between Jim Corbin and Ebby and Paul was the first winner of his Shield.

The Alan Mattey Consistency Trophy was won by Graeme Price with an average over five games of  32.40 Stableford points per game.

The Shaun Brady Knockout Cup Final was played between Bobber White and  Paul Ebsworth  and the winner was  Paul Ebsworth .