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Rogs 2003

Venues and Results for 2003

The last outing of the 2003 season was held at Wareham Golf Club on the 31st. October. It was also the final game of our Captain, Paul Ebsworth's season.

We had 23 players competing for the Zoom Trophy and Ian Macklin was 'nearest the pin' on the 11th. hole sponsored by Rob Smith. On the par 3 15th. hole, nearest the pin sponsored by Gordon Tucker was won by Julian Flower. Julian also 'birdied' this hole and won £23 in the '2's' competition. The longest drive on the 6th. was won by local favourite, Roger Johns. The 18th was 'nearest the pin' in 2 shots on a par 4 and was won by Brian Whiffen. The 6th and 18th were sponsored by Rob Smith. Our many thanks to all the sponsors.

Tom Crabtree came in third with 33 points with Shane Mooney 2nd on 33 points and the winner was Ali Hewitt with a magnificent 37 points.

The evening presentation was held at Wareham Golf Club and the draw for the Paul Ebsworth Winter Matchplay Shield was held. The draw is as follows;

R. Duncanson v M Debenham 
J. Weatherill v J. Flower 
B. Jones v B. Whiffen
R. Parry v G. Storey 
M. Crocker v R. White 
N. George v R. Johns 
A. Lambert v K. Percy 
P. Ebsworth v S. Brady 
G. Price v T. Crabtree 
J. Corbin v R. Smith 
R. Hall v A. Mattey 
J. Lake v S. Mooney 
R. French v A. Hewitt 
J. Bryant v I. Macklin 
T. White v G. Tucker 
J. Spurdle v R. Chivers

Finally, a reminder about the AGM which is to take place on Thursday November 20th in the skittle alley of the Drax Arms - 7.00 for 7.30 pm start. It is very important for all members to attend as it is the inauguration of our new season's Captain, Russell White. Discussions are also to take place regarding the Society's name.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


Date (all 2003)




Friday 28th. March

GRS Trophy

Rushmore Park

1st: Brian Whiffen
2nd: Alan Mattey
3rd: Guy Storey
Nearest the pin:  Alan Mattey and Russell White
Longest drive:  Alan Matey

Friday 25th. April

Jim Corbin Cup

Moors Valley

The winners were Russell White and new member Richard (Tich) White with 39 points.
The second pair were Martin Debenham and Shane Mooney with 35 points on a card play off.

The winner of the nearest the pin was Guy Storey.
And the longest drive winner was Roger Johns. 

The 2's was won jointly by - Pricey/Frenchy and Bobber/Tich White

Friday 30th. May

President’s Cup

Came Down

1st: Nick Geogre
2nd: Roger Duncanson
3rd: Ian Macklin
Nearest the pin:  Graham Price
Longest drive:  Gordon Tucker

Friday 27th. June

Whitbread Shield


1st: Richard (Tich) White
2nd: Roger Johns
3rd: Jim Corbin
Nearest the pin:  Roger Johns
Longest drive:  Alan Mattey

Friday 25th. July

Landlord’s Cup

Isle of Purbeck

1st Martin Debenham
2nd Tom Crabtree
3rd Paul Ebsworth on count back

Friday 29th. August

Rob Hall Hacker’s Trophy


The winner was - Ian Macklin with 85 points
Second on 66 points was Graham Price
Nick George was 3rd with 65 points 
Roger Johns won the two's

Friday 26th. September

Captain’s Cup

Bulbury Woods

1st: Guy Storey
2nd: Robin Hall
3rd: Roger Johns
Nearest the pin:  Ali Hewitt
The two's: Graham Price
Longest drive: Rob Smith 

Friday 31st. October

Zoom Trophy



Friday 29th August 2003

The ROGS played for the Rob Roll Hackers Trophy at Bramshaw Golf Club in the New Forest. It was a first time venue for nearly all 27 players who left Bere Regis by couch at 6.30 am. in the rain. 

The reason for the early start was our Captain, Paul Ebsworth, wanted us to play 36 holes that day, so we started at 8.30 a.m. playing the New Forest course. It was raining until about 11 o'clock, so we got a little damp but then it cleared up for the day. The New Forest course has ponies meandering through fairways and is really is quit a rugged course. 

After a hasty lunch in the Clubhouse we went out again at 1.00 p.m. on to the Manor course. Our Stableford points for the morning was carried over to the afternoon and the Manor course is manicured and LONG. 

Over dinner in the Clubhouse the scores were collated and Nick George was 3rd with 65 points on a card play off, second on 66 points was Graham Price and the winner was - Ian Macklin with 85 points. That was 40 points in the morning and 45 points in the afternoon - phenomenal.

Paul thanked all the sponsors for their generosity on the day and Roger Johns won the two's which with a rollover from Purbeck gave him nearly £80. We arrived back in the village at 10.50 p.m. - all tired but thoroughly satisfied with a great day's outing.

The next outing is at Bulbury Woods on 26th September. 

June 2003

For the ROGS outing in June they were playing for the Whitbread Shield at Dudsbury Golf Club.

A welcome was extended to a new member, Robert Smith, who has recently moved into the village.

After early rain the skies cleared and provided the players with an extremely challenging course and very fast greens.

The winner with 34 points was Richard (Tich) White with Roger Johns at second with 33 points and Jim Corbin third with 31 points. The 2's worth £53 was won by Robbie Hall , the nearest the pin was won by Roger Johns and the longest drive by Alan Mattey.

Everyone was delighted with the meal provided by the Dudsbury Golf Club after which a formal presentation of the winners medals was carried out by the Captain - Paul Ebsworth.

The year is moving very fast and the next event on Friday 25th. July is at the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club. First Tee time is 12.15.

The ROGS weekend away
The Return of the Magnificent Seven

A group of ROGS members, including the Captain and Vice Captain, went to Cornwall in June for the weekend. Three rounds of golf were planned at the Bowood Park Golf Club. This fantastic course coupled with good food and excellent accommodation, not too mention the entertainment provided by Tom Crabtree, deemed priceless by the vice-captain - Russell White, all made for a fantastic weekend away from the garden with stories galore about the one that went in the rough etc.,etc.

As the golf comprised of three rounds the competition was set at the highest Stableford score over the three days. The competition was intense and in keeping with ROGS tradition, the first three players of the day had their handicaps cut for the next days play.

On the first day, the Vice-Captain scored 38 points and had his handicap cut from 24 to 21, a real shock to his system. The second day saw Ian Macklin score an incredible 41 points and his handicap was reduced from 27 to 24 and was immediately renamed 'Sombrero Macklin - Bandito'

During breakfast on the last day everyone realised just how close the competition was with young Macklin on 71 points, Mr. Vice on 70 points and Roger Johns on 65 points. Ian was playing off 24, Russell off 20 and Roger off 9.

The added spice to the last days proceedings was added by Mr. Captain, Paul Ebsworth, who put up a prize for 'nearest the pin' on a par 3. This spurred everyone into a frenzied competitive spirit. The par 3's came and went with little success until the fourteenth, when Jolly Roger landed a ball on the putting surface and declared the Captain's prize as his. Definitely Jolly Rogered.

Three consecutive days of golf always takes its toll and after 10 miles of walking, the Vice Captain fell away on the back nine holes. Young Macklin and Jolly Old Roger slugged it out to the end until the final green when young Macklin sunk a four foot putt to win the match overall. It will not be long before this big hitting youngster has his name on a ROGS trophy. Roger was second highest scoring with 36 points for the day, absolutely super for a 9 handicapper.

A special thanks was given to the not so young, Nick Macklin, who stepped in at the last minute to join the happy throng. A special thanks was extended to the Vice-Captain, who organised the trip and looks forward to repeating the performance in 2004.

May 2003 

On the last Friday in May the ROGS descended on West Dorset and Came Golf Club (Came Down) in Dorchester. It was the first time the Society had played this course because under normal circumstances Came Down does not accommodate golf societies on a Friday.

However, our reputation went before us and Came Down saw the sense in letting our local society onto their hallowed fairways.

ROGS were playing for the President's Cup and 27 players set off on an absolutely stunning day. For any of you who may know of Came Down, you will appreciate the fact that its height and proximity to the coast can at many times of the year give way to severe winds and dense fog and this can prove more of a hazard than the course itself. But on this glorious May day the vista for the ROGS players stretched across west Dorset and Somerset with clear views of Poole also.

Nick George was the Winner on the day with 35 points and Roger Duncanson coming second from Ian Macklin on a card play-off at 33 points each.

The 'Longest Drive' was won by Graham Price with Gordon Tucker winning 'Nearest the Pin'. No one scored a 'Two' on the day and therefore £27 will be carried over to the next outing.

One Friday 28th. June ROGS will be playing at Dudsbury Golf Club for the Whitbread Shield and the first tee is at 12.20. Dinner will also be at Dudsbury - happy golfing.

Friday 25th. April

For the ROGS outing in April they were playing for the Jim Corbin Cup at Moors Valley.

The competition was a Green some Pairs, which allows both team members to tee off, and then they pick up the worst ball of the two played and play out the hole with alternate shots. The score is stableford and the winners were Russell White and new member Richard (Tich) White with 39 points.

The second pair were Martin Debenham and Shane Mooney with 35 points on a card play off.

The twos competition was worth £47.00 and this was shared by

Dinner was at the Moors Valley Club and despite the fact that it rained all day and we only had one shower between 24 of us, we did all enjoy our day out. Even in the rain there is something beautiful about our countryside in April and Moors Valley was a pretty as ever.

The draw for the next round of the Shaun Brady Knockout Cup was held after dinner and with some big names already out we could have a new name on the cup this year.

Please note that the Bere Regis Sports Club have a new web address and they kindly list all ROGS activities.

Next month ROGS are at Came Down in Dorchester to play for the Presidents Cup and this years President is Robbie Hall.

As this is the first time ROGS will have played Came Down then we are expecting a large turnout.

Friday 28th March 

This is the sixth season that the Royal Oak Golf Society have turned out and this year started well for new Captain, Mr Paul Ebsworth.

The first game of the new season was a Stableford competition for the GRS Trophy played at Rushmore Park at Tollard Royal. We are so fortunate in Dorset to have some lovely courses in idyllic settings and there is none better in my opinion than Rushmore Park these days.

Now extended to eighteen holes over chalklands, the greens and fourways are magnificent. The view from the 7th tee across Dorset and Wiltshire is truly breathtaking. The index one eighth hole par four is as good a golf hole anywhere and I believe that Rushmore Park will become a regular venue for Royal Oak Golf Society.

This season will be different for Royal Oak Golf Society members than any other season for two reasons. Firstly, we are eating dinner at every golf venue this year with Came Down, Isle of Purbeck and Bramshaw the jewels of the season.

Secondly, we are sad to report that at the present time we are not affiliated to the Royal Oak in West Street, Bere Regis. All communications in future should be through our Secretary, Guy Storey on 01929 471041.

The scores for the GRS trophy were the highest the society have ever scored which indicates our improvement in our general play. Brian Whiffen off 21 came in which 40 points with Alan Mattey second with 28 points and Guy Storey, third with 36 points.

There were two nearest the pin competitions and these were won by Alan Mattey and our Vice Captain, Russell White and the longest drive was won by Alan Mattey (not a bad day out for Alan).

Our next day out is Friday 25 April 2003 when Royal Oak Golf Society descend on Moors Valley Golf Club to play a Greensome pairs competition for the Jim Corbin cup.

The Shaun Brady knockout trophy is underway and the first round is to be completed by the 25 April 2003.