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How to Score Stableford

Every Golfer receives two points for finishing a hole in par.

i.e.    Par        =    2 points
    Birdie        =    3 points<
    Bogey        =    1 point
    Double Bogey =    no points

Now you add your handicap to the points awarded for par.

i.e.    An 18 handicapper receives 1 shot for every one of his 18 holes.
    So par becomes 2 points plus his shot gives him 3 points for a par.
    A birdie is 4 points.
    A bogey is 2 points.
    Double bogey is 1 point.

A 28 handicapper receives 2 shots on stroke index 1-10 and 1 shot on stroke index holes 11-18. Therefore a par with an index of 1-10 gives him 2 points plus his two shots equals:      
               4 points for a par
               5 points for a birdie
               3 points for a bogey
               2 points for a double bogey
               1 point for a treble bogey,