Breaking News

Bere Regis Football Club announces the appointment of two new Club Welfare Officers :

Elly Holyoak      Tel.     07877967814  Email.

Steve McEleney  Tel.   07801436646 Email.

Notice to Members

The Bere Regis Sports Club Annual General Meeting will be held at the clubhouse on

THURSDAY 21st NOVEMBER 2019 starting at 8.00p.m.

Items for discussion under AOB, proposed changes to the club constitution/rules and nominations (which also require a ‘seconder’) for the posts of President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Bar Treasurer, Field Treasurer and Membership Secretary must be sent/given to the Secretary (Julie Rogers – by 8.00p.m. on Thursday 7th November. Nominations will only be accepted at the meeting if none are previously received. In accordance with Rule 20 a secret ballot will be held at the meeting if more than one nomination is received for a post.

The Bere Regis Sports Club trustees (named below) are pleased to make the following statement about their proposed purchase of the southern part of the recreation ground.

Contracts have now been exchanged and funds are in place, ready for completion on or before 25th October 2019. This purchase will make the sports club trustees the freeholders and they will hold the land, in trust, on behalf of the sports club, securing it’s continued use as a playing field for club members and a recreation ground for the public.

The purchase follows a period of difficult negotiations and the trustees wish to acknowledge the practical and moral support afforded by our solicitor, the sports club management committee and club members, the Parish Council, our County Councillor, our Member of Parliament, neighbours and parishioners, throughout the process. In due course an event will be organised to celebrate the purchase, to which supporters will be invited.

After completion there will be another announcement, giving details of how the trustees intend to ensure that all the recreation ground is further protected for public use in the future.

Andy Kent, Peter Cheeseman and Alan Green

14th October 2019